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UTV AC-500cc 4x4 WD



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Utility Vehicle

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500cc, 4x4 WD, 1 Cylinder, 4 Strokes, Water Cooled,

Yamaha Clone Engine, Full Auto Transmission (N/R/L/H)

Digital Dashboard,  Auto Lifting Cargo Bed with 662 lbs loads

Up to 500kg/1100 lbs Towing Power,  2000 lbs Super Winch,

Can be easily transported in the back of a full-size pickup truck

Perfectly for farm, ranch, industrial work & outdoor recreations


ONLY $5,200 + FREE Shipping !

(Minimum order 7 units)



Most desirable luxury features:


500cc, 4x4WD Huge Power

Powerful Engine        Yamaha Clone

Unit Dimension          8' 10" long

Full automatic         Easy to maneuver

Digital Dash & Control  Easy to reach

Injection Molded Plastic Body    

              Not Fiberglass, it easily cracks

Stylish, Modern, Sturdy, Tough

Strong Suspension    Smooth Riding

Strong  Towing Power Up to 1100 lbs

Super Winch             2000 lbs traction

Max speed: 70km/43.5mph

Max Loads: 500kg/1102 lbs

Cargo Bed Loads: 300kg/662 lbs

                               Auto Lift Dumping

Fuel Tank: 22L/5.81Gal  Regular Gas

Standard Lube Oil    Low maintenance

Glass Windshield, 2-Speed Wiper

                  Not Plastic, it easily fads up.

Variety of color selections  


Model: UTV AC-500CC/2008



Specifications      [Printable Version]


  Dimensions & Capacities

Vehicle L:W:H: 269x128x196cm/106x50x77 inches
Vehicle Net Weight: 590 kg/1301 lbs

Vehicle Max Load: 500kg/1102 lbs (662 lbs in bed, 2 passengers 440 lbs)

Vehicle Max Speed: 70km/h or 43.5 m/h

Wheel Base: 173cm/68 inches

Ground Clearance: 21cm/8.3inches

Fuel Tank: 22L/5.81Gallons

Gas Type: Standard Unleaded Gas

Average Gas Consumption: 10L/2.64Gallons for every 100km/62.5miles

Max Mileage per Tank: Up to 220km/137 miles

Towing Power: Up to 500kg/1100 lbs


Cargo Bed Inner Dimension: 110x74x27cm/43.3x29.1x10.6inches

Cargo Bed Max Load: 300kg/662lbs

Cargo Bed Lift: Electric lift control at Dashboard

Cargo Bed Dumping Angle: 49 slope backward
Cargo Bed Tailgate: Latch & Support Straps



Engine: 500cc, 4x4 WD, 1 Cylinder, 4 Strokes
Bore/Stroke: 87.5x82mm or 3.45/3.23 inches
Displacement: 493ml
Cooling: Water
Starting: Electric
non-touch CDI DC start

Lubricating Type: Pressure & Splash

Lubricating Oil: SAE 15W-40/SE



Shaft Drive, Full Automatic

Final Drive: Front / Rear Wheel Drive ( Front take off drive )

Selector Lever: R/N/L/H


  Front Wheel: 25*8-12, 250Kpa air inflating pressure
Rear Wheel: 25*10-12,
300Kpa air inflating pressure



Break System: Dual pipeline hydraulic pressure

Front Brakes: Dual disc
Rear Brakes: Dual disc

Parking Brake: Mechanical transmission at rear wheels

Operate: Foot



Front Suspension: Swing arm independent

Rear Suspension: Double swing arm independent

Tread: Front Wheel: 1036mm/40.8inches, Rear Wheel: 1040m/41.9inches

Steering: Max turn left: 37.5, Max turn right: 37.5

Seat Capacity: 2 with safety belt each



Red, Army Green, Orange, Jacinth, Black

Army Camo, Maple Leaf Camo (Optional)


  Factory Free Extras

Cargo Bed Auto Lifter


Glass Windshield

Two-Speed Wiper

2000 lbs Electric Winch

Alloy Rims
Trailer Hitch

Spare Parts

Tool Box



Camo Colors

3000 lbs Electric Winch

Snow Plough



User's Manual:  UTV500CC.PDF
User's Assembly Instruction



Shipping Information


Container Load Packing Box Box















7 14 18 50.5x51.2x47.2 230x130x120 1301/1433 590/650


UTV 500cc Comparison

Brand Yamaha Rhino Polaris Ranger Kawasaki Mule John Deere Gator
Price 10,000-$13,000 $10,000-$12,000 $10,000-$12,000 $10,000-$13,000

     You pay extra for Winch, Composite Roof,  Alloy Rims, Trailer Hitch,  Auto Lifting Cargo Bed, Turn Signals, etc.


Merchandize Suggested Retail Price: $10,995


We offer $5,200 + free extras above + free shipping



(Minimum Order 7 units)



















Utility Vehicle

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